Tamiya mini racers are back in! 1

Tamiya mini racers are back in! Come by and stock up, then race with us on Saturdays, between 1pm- 5pm on our Pit Lane inside the store. Bring your spare parts to tune your car for the ever-changing technical course. Tune-up part s are also available separately at D & J Hobby for better performance, […]

Tamiya Mini Racer

Khans of Tarkir FNM Draft

Weekly Events at DJ’s 1

We have weekly and biweekly events practically every day that can be enjoyed by all. Take a look at our afternoon events listed below or check out our Events Calendar on our website or our Facebook Page for weekly updates of all these events PLUS special one time events. Mondays: Sad the weekend is over? […]

Welcome to the New DJ Hobby Website 1

We are so excited to announce our new DJ Hobby website! We will be adding new videos, event details and content regularly, so come back often and check us out! And if you’d like to here details about something specific or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us directly. DJ Hobby […]

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